Corks are produced starting from the bark of cork oak, that cyclically renovate itself and whose extraction is completed without the requirement of tree felling.
Mediterranean cork-oak forests represent the perfect habitat for many rare species and their role is essential for the enviroment: they hinder environmental desertification and global warming, since they have the power to imbibe large quantities of CO2 (over 14 million tons per year).


Natural cork stoppers are sustainable, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and they represent one of the products with the least environmental impact among the different kinds of alternative wines stoppers.


Gallura Langhe Corks got a healthy workplace, no waste, and an alternative source of energy.
During the entire manufacuirng process, raw material is fully used:

  • the best selection is used for corks production
  • process residues are used for technical stoppers production or insulation boards for the construction industry
  • dust producted during cork manufacturing are used as fuels for thermal energy production